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Recovery week 7

Ready or not here I come! Week let’s just say I am 75% ready because school begins on Monday and it’s back to the classroom I go. This week has been a far better pain week than the last. Why? you ask? because I decided to try something natural, from mother-nature, many times we forget that God has provided everything we need to be and stay healthy. We as humans try to take from the land and do as we please. Needless to say although my pain is not quite gone from my shoulders or hips the pain is tolerable to the point I can push harder to build up my weaken muscles. I am not ingesting harmful chemicals in my body and finally, I am not constantly sleepy. I can also walk and sit longer without dreading pain. I still have swelling in my arm I think it’s inflammation or liquid. Again while this is temporary and as I call it a band aid it allows me the freedom to work part time and get ready for my next surgery in pray fully December.

I do feel like my left replacement is more painful than my right, I expressed my concerns to my doctor and he basically said even though I had the same surgeries by name don’t expect the healing and recovery time to be the same. “really sad face”. My right shoulder replacement took me roughly about 2 -3 months to really move it, but I didn’t have muscle weakness so there wasn’t too much pain, I don’t think it’s back to my natural born shoulder movement but I at 100% functioning capacity. ( that I can deal with without pain). I met this older lady (54) at Sam’s Club this weekend who told me she had both hips replaced and one side still gives her a bit of pain and problems. I guess either way I am in for slight pain every now and again, but what is life without a little pain to remind you that you a human. This too shall pass… Recovery is just ahead.

PS – on a side note I have decided to cut my teaching days down to 2-3 days a week, till after my hip replacement. Although I haven’t worked since May and was in horrible pain, I am slightly excited to get back into the classroom. Might as well give it a try see how well my body parts hold up. I know I will be out for another few months, but life goes on.

My name is not my disease, I have a name and God created me with powers beyond imaginable. Sickle Cell Disease can slow me down and it’s okay, but I will fight even with broken pieces.

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