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Facebook Memories….

I have chosen to do a little social media distancing – especially from Face book.. but the past few times I have looked back I see some great post that I made. I decided to copy a few to remind me who I was before this coma made changes in my life.

I have been trying hard not to compare my life before to my new life, and though I have been told by doctors my brain will never go back to who I was ….. I won’t stop trying to find a middle ground. Here are a few thoughts from my memories. Not all disabilities visible some are invisible – no one can see my brain but I know it’s a little damaged and different.

Please know I didn’t alter any for today’s date…. all these were before my coma 9/9/2014.

April 18, 2013 at 9:37 AM · 

Random thought! We do not choose when we die (some schupid ppl do) but the smart ones don’t choose. BUT what we do have a choice in, is LIVING! Being alive and living are two different things. My greatest fear is not living enough, not finishing the bucket list I have created, not loving enough and hard, not caring enough, not sharing enough, not smiling enough, not seeing the world’s seven wonders, not stepping outside my box!! I challenge you to live a little! GM FBFF! Thankful Thursday! I am thankful that I am ALIVE and LIVING!! Muuuahhh Be Blessed! (Status Update: Mommy saw my FB message and called me instantly, not the same as a hug but it worked… I love that lady!)

April 15, 2014 · 

What is on my mind huh….burning questions: Can there be trust without love? Can there be love without trust? Do they go hand-in-hand? (in any type of relationship) not speaking of JUST man and woman… woke up thinking and rationalizing these questions… I am still analyzing my opinion – because I think you “CAN” have “trust” without love and you “SHOULD” love without “trust” because LOVE is 1 Corinthians 13:3-4 …. so it trumps everything. IDK anymore – as I grow I learn as I learn I evolve as I evolve I question as I question I rationalize……… If love is “unconditional” should we have different types of love? (mother-child, friend-friend, husband-wife, lover-love) etc… shouldn’t it all just be love… FB needs to find another question to ask me… cuz I am loaded with thoughts… Oh BTW GM Facebookers!! Rainy Tuesday – safe travels.. live love laugh learn!!

April 12, 2011 at 7:46 AM · 

Be one of the few who sees abundance of opportunities instead of focusing on obstacles, who plants seeds of love, service, good works, hope, talents & collaboration!

In 2001 when I left my family & friends in NY, & move to VA where I knew 1 person someone said to me “U’ll be back, everyone comes back to NY” U won’t make it. That was 9 years, 2 degrees (working on a 3rd), 1 house ago.  ❤ it when ppl tell me I CAN’T!

April 22, 2009 at 3:26 PM · 

is singing…God can heal, he can deliver. He can mend you brokenness. He has a miracle to fit your needs. Once you trust him, you will receive. God knows about your situation but with every test and every trial there is revelation…. Byron Cage

April 23, 2014 at 3:55 PM · East Highland Park, VA · 

I read about so many people losing their jobs and being homeless it breaks my heart but also makes me think, if you lost your job today would you be okay? If so, for how long? Not referring to the two income homes but single parents, single friends, one income dependent house-hold. Can you be creative with your God-given talent and become an entrepreneur? Do you a marketable degree? Do you have a job or career? Food for thought!!

That was all for today.. because these disappear daily.. I will try to copy by memories daily as a reminder to myself. Life has changed so much but my will for living never changed – I believe the will for life God gave me kept me from dying.

Live Love Laugh Learn

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