2019 trials and tribulation · Faith · Life Advice · Sickle Cell Disease · Spiritual, devotion · Survivors


Pray today for God to turn your wailing into dancing.

Pray for strength and power each day to stay in step with the spirit.

Pray today for God to reveal his purpose for you and quietly listen.

Pray for God to continue to fortify your inner circle with Christian friends that will support you walk in faith.

Pray for God to strengthen you and comfort you in your grief. Ask him to show you the purpose in your situation and be patient with the answers.

Pray for God to guide you into a life of responsive obedience

Pray today for God to calm your mind and heart so that his blessings can pour through you.

Pray for God to be your anchor and for the holy spirit to guide you into the light of hope.

Pray for patience and endurance.

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