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This morning I received an email from Victoria’s Secret say Happy half birthday. Well most people who physically know me knows that my birthday has always been a great deal for me and it should be for everyone, but maybe I am not the norm – I do live outside the box. For me my birthday means the world to me because from be fore I made my entrance into this world Satan was determined to not let me survive the journey. BUT my God who knew more about me and the plans he has for me would not allow this to come through. I digress…… My mother’s official due date was December 5 …… but for some reason her water bag did not burst (in layman’s terms) on December 16th (and I thank that Doctor in those olden days) who decided to go in a burst the sack himself. Then out I came not breathing, blue, not crying, little girl. I was rushed into an incubator until sounds and air cam through my body. Since then I have been escaping death’s calling. SATAN I am a child of GOD and no matter how many times you blow out my light GOD will always turn it back on.

Now, to modern day seeing that email reminded me that for the first time last birthday (which is my official new year were I reflect on my past, present and future) I was cruising with my BFF but I made no plans for this year – FEAR of sickle cell and what surgeries I might have to undergo. This disease has become so unpredictable since I turned 40. In 2017 I celebrated my 45th Birthday exactly one month after Shoulder Replacement surgery ..

Hibachi Style NC
Ice cream cake with family after dinner

After leaving North Carolina I headed back to Virginia to celebrate with a home style cooking dinner.

Dinner with Friends and family
Nothing better than Pineapple upside down cake

Last year for my 46th I was cruising on the deep blue sea – despite my thoughts of this year’s surgery, bills, health I was intending on nothing getting in the way of my birthday celebration. I love traveling and cruising although I have slowed down in the last 5 years I still manage to sneak a new place to visit or something new each year. Since Victoria Secret reminded me that I have 6 months to go and plan .. I rather a year planning.. but these last 5 years has been tough. I am thinking this year CA. San Francisco Golden Bridge… ummmm lets see how this rolls out.

Cheers to being ALIVE at 46.. life after a coma
Mexico 46th Birthday
My happy place

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