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I recently added my 14 year old niece to my family cellular plan which has unlimited data, text and calls. This was her 14th birthday gift from my mom and myself. Without going into more specifics but getting in touch was always a problem for her, so I figured she is a smart student and I believe responsible so I decided to get her a phone and add her to the plan. Well, most times IQ has nothing to do with common sense. In one week of having the phone she had used up more data that the other 3 people on the plan combined. I was a little disappointed with this because I don’t even think usage to me was included in her communications. After speaking to her about the data usage she told me “you said unlimited so I was taking advantage of it”. I had to explain that not because something is unlimited means we should take advantage or abuse it. I also explained that our carrier would slow down our data speed. then it dawned on me that in life we all do this. When we rent a car, unlimited mileage and we find places to drive to, in NY they sell unlimited metro cards and we borrow them to other family members for travel, so most of us have been guilty of using unlimited for one purpose or another and have extended it or abused. EXCEPT….. Prayer.

The only thing in like that is truly unlimited is PRAYER. Jesus paid it all and we can call and talk to him unlimited, anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. Yet many of us do not talk to him daily and some ever. If the world utilized their commutation data with prayer I know a lot of trouble or problems would end better. I don’t think many people know this, but when we cry out to God for protection from the enemy he RESPONDS! We need to learn to pray about everything, God is waiting for us to talk to him. Job interview- pray about it, Test -pray about it, Family problems – pray about it, scared Pray about it, Finances -pray about it, Health issues – Pray about it, just about any and everything Pray about it. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. Here is a word to the wise: We seek God’s approval, not man’s.

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