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Recovery Week 5 and 6

PS: I started week 5 last week but was in too much pain to finish writing … so forward today week 6

Today (last week) is five weeks since my shoulder replacement surgery, I have been working hard at home with my exercises and also in the Physical Therapy office but still I find no relief. Yes I have a little more movement but the muscle damage is going to take a lot more time than I could every imagine. I tried to put off surgery for as long as I could just so I could work to pay off medical bills only to damage myself in the process and creating more medical bills I can’t work to pay off. The vicious cycle of the good ole USA. I asked my Therapist how long does it take to strengthen muscles, the answer is months that I do not have because I also need a hip replacement too which is now so much pain that sitting and walking is extremely painful. The decisions we have to make in life. I urge anyone who is healthy to really take care of your body because as we age so does our body.

Monday – I had my 6 week post-op appointment. It went as well as I can expect besides doubling my Physical Therapy to build up muscle strength and medication to help me through the pain – great I don’t think I will fill it because I don’t want it in my system so I guess it’s working through the pain. I did get a small scalding for rushing the healing process and why am I making it cause me anxiety. I guess he don’t realized I have things to do, places to be, people to me (LOL). Oh well, but he does have a point and the expectations I have placed on myself is causing me grief. Did I mention that I was a Substitute Teacher and school starts in 2 weeks. Yes, after not working the entire summer I am also a bit antsy on getting back into the classroom in pain again. So, I am going to slow down the wanting to be 100% in a hurry ( but at least by December). I am going to prepare to have my hip replacement in December but while I wait I will relax mentally. I have to keep reminding myself that I am just recovering from the first replacement from a year and a half with only a few week on Physical Therapy…. so with keeping that in mind I have to believe with hard strengthening work 3-4 months I will good as new, Stay turned as next week the recovery continues.

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