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50 in Paris

I have envisioned having my 50th birthday personally looking at this view for real. Ok, so 50 is just a few years from now not that few because I already booked a cruise for my 49th which is next year. I can’t wait till the world is healed because I have not given up on my travel bucket list. Which brings me to the thought of Paris…. in a conversation with my cousin a few day ago in which she stated she had no desire to go to Hawaii : SAY WHAT!!!! since I have been to Hawaii and I loved it I feel I need everyone to experience that joy. Anyway, she said she don’t like being on a plane for that long and because she gets irritated. I replied, “I guess I will count you out of my 50th Paris trip”. She came back with do you know how long is the flight, OK I admit I had no idea. She said how are you going to travel and don’t know how long it will be to get there?

So, I guess I have work to do on heading to my dream spot (now as a person with sickle cell flying is not great for me) why? you ask or maybe thinking ….because of the altitude. People with sicklecell trait are at risk if they fly in unpressurized aircraft, which are used for many local air services. Those with sicklecell hemoglobin C disease should avoid air travel even in pressurized aircraft.

With that being medically stated I still took a risk and traveled to Hawaii in May 2014, (23 hours). It took that long because of all the transfers and time changes. Did I get sick? YES! Let me tell you this when prayers go up blessings come down. It wasn’t bad enough to be hospitalized but I had to drink lots of water to hydrate my cells from me not totally pass out mid-flight.

Will I risk it to travel to Paris – yeah probably! I am a little bit insane when it comes to traveling.

I found some tips for individuals with Sickle Cell. https://sicklecellanemianews.com/2019/10/23/airplane-tips-pain-medications-clothing-sickle-cell-crisis/

Here are my tips for preparing for a flight:

  • Dress appropriately: Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing. Garments that are loose and won’t restrict blood flow are ideal. Air conditioning can make the cabin uncomfortably cool, so bring a sweater and warm socks. I’ve learned that you can’t go wrong with a tracksuit.
  • Bring water bottles: Security restrictions prohibit passengers from taking containers holding over 3.4 ounces of liquid on board. But there are no rules about carrying empty bottles. Once I’m comfortably seated, I ask an airline attendant to fill my hot water bottle — this helps to keep me warm and provide pain relief. I drink warm water, so I also request that my drinking water bottle is filled with hot water. That way, I feel warm inside and out.
  • Carry medicine: No matter where I go, I carry painkillers in my bag. I’m at increased risk of falling ill when traveling, and if I’m feeling unwell, I don’t want to have to wait for my medications at baggage claim. Make sure you have your medications on your person, and don’t forget to pack your prescriptions or other relevant documents in case airport security staff question you.
  • Keep moving: Sitting still for extended periods increases everyone’s risk of developing blood clots. And because a sickle cell crisis occurs as the result of a blood clot, you must try to reduce that possibility when flying. You can do this by moving throughout the flight: stretch your legs, get up from your seat, and walk up and down the aisle every hour or so. If possible, book an aisle seat so you don’t bother the passengers sitting next to you.
  • Tell staff: Make at least one member of the flight crew aware of your condition so that they will know what to do if you need assistance. If they’re informed in advance, they’ll be prepared to respond if you have a crisis, avoiding unnecessary panic.

So in doing my research I found the total flight duration from Maryland to Paris, France is 8 hours, 9 minutes. I believe it’s feasible to continue my vision board planning for 2022. (God’s willing)

Live Love Laugh Learn

2 thoughts on “50 in Paris

  1. Paris is absolutely worth it. The flight from the USA East coast to Europe seems much less invasive than your travels to Hawaii, by what you said. Think of it as an eight hour shift at work, but instead you are sitting in an aircraft. That might put your mind at ease!


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