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Second Cruise

Carnival Breeze

In December 2013 I had lots to celebrate. Major accomplishment was earning my Masters Degree in Education, not only did I just earn that piece of paper I had the highest GPA in the program and was selected to carry my Degree flag. Boy what am honor that was for me to receive this letter. To be honest never in my wildest dreams did I expect this but with God, perseverance and dedication it was happening. I was also turning 41 years old, and with the previous year cruise bug I had to go big. Even bigger than the 40th birthday party I threw. So I heard that Carnival was coming out with a new ship called the Breeze, which would be sailing just in time for my celebrations. Yes! we are cruising again but this time I wanted better and longer cruise. The best thing about having a December birthday one week before Christmas is the spirit and atmosphere of joyful festivities. Remember what I learned from my first cruise “no buying profession photos”. What I will spend the extra in on comfort, so I choose to stay in the Cloud 9 Spa suite. Full access to the SPA and the amenities there – including sauna, Jacuzzi and the relating adult only area.

SPA action

I really got a taste of the bigger and longer cruise.


The Christmas decor was so welcoming. The Dinner on my birthday was even more entertaining and special than ever. I had such a great time with my family. The food was good, the restaurant waiter was interesting and fun. Saw him through out the entire cruise. The desserts were just tasty we each had to try something different.

First port stop Grand Turk

Grand Turk

Next port stop… JAMAICA. I listened to someone who told me the cruise excursion are too expensive just do it on my own because at the port stop have mini vans. Well, well, well, I did that and the driver did take us to the Dunn’s river fall we paid him round trip because he said her would be back. Guess what he never came back to get us – we had to plead with another bus driver to take us back to the ship. He called the driver who was supposed to pick us up told him he needed to give him the money because he will take us back. Scary lesson learned stick with the cruise on excursions. Jamaica left a bad taste in my mouth. Coming from a Caribbean island myself I know we would never do that to anyone. I believe this country is all about money and not able customer service.

Next Port Stop Atlantis Bahamas

Another sea day – there are so many activities to do and that is going on that sea days and night life were the best. Compared to my smaller cruise (4 days) I think I rather the longer cruise and bigger cruise ships.

free pop-corn for movie night
don’t think we watched the movie to tired
Sunrise Grand Turk

Sickle cell always has a way in interrupting my vacations because of my low immune system I am easily susceptible to common communicable disease. I always come down with a fever or cold when I am in large crowds for long periods of time.but that never stopped me. On the best night the Christmas show I had a fever so I never made it out the room that night. But my family was able to catch in action.

Back Miami morning ..

My overall view of cruising is I still love it and would continue cruising but it also rates best on the Ship you sail on and the company that you are around. I really enjoyed this cruise with my family. I think my health sometimes factor in my enjoyment. I still have 2 cruise reviews to post. And I am looking forward to my next LONG cruise on a bigger ship. Claiming it in 2021 God’s willing.

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