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Teach us how to Pray

Happy Sabbath/Saturday to all! One of the damages from my coma was Brain Hemorrhaging and this was caused by multiple mini strokes in my brain. Sickle cell can and will damage every part of the body at one time or the other. Me as I explained in other post was total body shut down and organ failure. Yes, I have a some brain damage that will never be repaired. I say this to explain prayer. Within my first 2 years of trying to recover praying was something I couldn’t do because this intelligent, sarcastic, smart mouth, confident, quick thinker, witty, (you get the point )… woman was lost. What people don’t understand in that my brain and tongue were no longer connected. Thoughts were in there but there was an iron door blocking them in coming out. So I never knew what to say or how to begin. I knew I should and I had to but not how to….. until I had a conversation with my sister-in-law who told me all I needed to do was say the Lord’s Prayer. That covers everything God wants me to say to him. And so it began

I didn’t need to be a preacher or pray like anyone else all I needed to begin with was Matthew 6:9-13. I still have trouble articulating my thoughts and being able to express and comprehend things but I have gotten a little better in the last year. Everyday I remind myself “this too shall pass”

Rob White – Explains it like this:

Prayer can be showy. You’ve probably been in prayer gatherings where someone prays a long prayer using flowery language. Prayer is not entertainment; it’s a time of fellowship with God.

I know you can pray anywhere but there is something about having a place where we pray regularly. As I grew in my new-found zeal for prayer I began to find myself really looking forward to my prayer times sensing I was really meeting with the Father. The room in which I prayed became synonymous with those times and I would go to the room expectant that I was going to meet with God. The result was that I approached my personal prayer times with faith.

Praying for a long time, using many words or repetition doesn’t mean we are more likely to get God’s attention. I really don’t know why we feel that God will hear us more clearly like that. This Scripture makes it clear that it’s not about words, length or repetition, because God knows anyway. It’s about quality—the right heart attitude, concentrating on what we’re doing, trying to live a life that doesn’t contradict our prayer life—not quantity. 

Let me explain 3D praying to you. The three Ds stand for DesireDiscipline and Delight. First, and you cannot bypass this starting point, there needs to be Desire. Desire to be a person of prayer. Without that desire, nothing will ever change. You can’t force the desire, but you can ask God to plant that in you by his Spirit. 

Second, it requires Discipline. Actually, you could double the D and make it daily discipline. This is the hard part, as you’ve probably already discovered. But I want to assure you that as you face the discipline it gets a lot easier; you’ll find the third D eases it considerably. 

The third D is Delight. Yes, truly prayer has become a delight for me: spending time with the Father, opening up my life with its ups and downs, hearing what he has to say to me. What’s not to like! That means that I can look forward to praying; making my way towards the place where I usually pray I’m actually expectant that I’ll meet God during that time. What a change! It’s delightful. 

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