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Recovery week 2

Surgery Day 6/26/19

The picture above was after surgery, don’t let the smiles fool you I still had the nerve block in my system so I felt no pain. Laying in my room feeling pretty good. I spent 2 nights in the hospital one doctor’s recommendation and one my request just to be sure that nothing would go wrong. Sickle Cell always has a way of showing off it’s self.

Day one: No pain

Day Two: Physical Therapy in hospital room- minor movement AROM wrist/ext palm down and palm down (with sling on)

Day Three: Physical Therapy in hospital room- minor movement AROM elbow flex/ext

PT Flexion and Extension
PT elbow flexion and extension

Day Four: MAJOR PAIN sets in, on a scale of 1-10 a whooping 12! to me at least. Spent the next 8-10 days medicated with Oxycondone- Acetaminiohen and constantly sleeping. I stated earlier I do not like taking narcotics because of the simple fact it makes me sleep and unaware of my surroundings. By nature I like to know and be aware at most times or as much as I can. Of course when you are in as much pain as I was in and for the most times the pain of a sickle crisis sleep is the only answer or choice weapon. (Ask any sickeler)

Day 8: My first Physical Therapy at the Sports Medicine PT building. The exercises were real and the pain was down to maybe a scale of 8 but I got through them with strength and determination. It was more of a consultation of showing me my next stages on exercises and how to do them. Explanation of how much muscle weakness I had and would have to build up. Something as simple of holding my cup of tea was an impossible task for me. Although I had the same surgery in 2017 with my right shoulder and holding a pen to write sent excruciating pain through my arms, my left was not different. I am unable to complete simple task like washing my hair, opening my water bottle, holding a cup, dressing my self, putting on a bra, things we take for granted daily seemed daunting and dreadful to me.

Day 14: Physical Therapy is no easy task. At the end of the session a 3 page length of exercises where to be done at home. now we are up to 6 pages of 20 exercises to do at home. Easy enough huh! maybe so but not for someone who just had surgery and muscle weakness. Pain level more or less at a scale of 4 – 5, lots of tightness in my shoulder.

Pendulum all 4 directions
Wand Exercises

Easy enough HUH! NOT! those Wand exercise -external rotation seems like lifting 300 pound weights. I went to Home Depot to buy PVC pipes to create a 3 feet wand to do this exercise. I never knew shrugging could be so painful, I will remember that once I am healed how much energy and effect it takes to shrug my shoulders.

My story of recovery continues … I am trusting the process and the journey that I will soon be able to style my hair again and use both of my shoulders to jump for joy.

One thought on “Recovery week 2

  1. Seeing those exercises that you have to do and is painful for you, make me realize how we take simple movements in life for granted. And also that all joints are connected to use one we have to use another. Reality check✅


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