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Recovery week 3

Week 3

Today is exactly 3 weeks from surgery and Physical Therapy is still as painful as week 2, okay, so that’s not much but just in case I didn’t mention it is probably a 12 week healing process. Same as when I did my right shoulder took me about 3 months to finally feel like myself again. What I don’t remember is how much muscle weakness I had, I guess when you are fighting the inevitable of having surgery you are doing injustice to yourself. I haven’t used my shoulders since December 2018, I kept medicating it and “buying time” like I call it. Well, fine job I was doing because building muscle structure hurts. I guess I forgot how long it took me to walk unassisted after I came out the coma. It took me a year and a half to fully walk without feeling like I was going to fall or needing my son near me to lean on me. I guess in coma case it did not come with physical pain except the many times I fell. (sure you and I can both laugh or chuckle at it) I fell off the bed in rehabilitation, off wheelchairs, off my own bed when I was discharged, and even just walking around the house.

I am giving myself a goal of August 1, to begin driving again. Today, a 2 page sheet with seven exercises were added to my previous ones. Hand cycle was one of the new things we worked on today with a few others exercises. The wonderful thing about this part of Physical Therapy is that I own this machine at home, didn’t think I would ever use it but my cousin gave me this brand new in the box and for the first time in 2 years I am opening it an using it. Blessings, I am always so blessed. I pushed really hard because I am so much pain which is muscle related. My pain scale in still around 4-5 with medication at least 1-2 times a day or every 6-10 hours.

My favorite bible scripture that has always been my comfort through trails and difficulties is ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. I met an elderly lady in the office who repeated this to me, saying that she would like her grand-daughter to keep repeating and understand this, because she (her grand-daughter) has had 4 strokes and a hip surgery and can barely walk. One of my testimonial blessing is that along my path I have always met someone who is or has gone through what I am going through. You are not alone! Always remember that.

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