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Recovery week 4

Finally, these last three days have been the best since surgery. Still stiffness and slight pain but I can rate it at 2 – 3 level which is low enough to just take some Tylenol no more Narcotics YEAHHH Yeepie!!! I follow Mrs. Tamela Mann – singer and actress on Instagram and last week she posted that she was having double knee replacement surgery – OH M GEEE!!! both knees I can just feel what lies ahead in Physical Therapy. She wanted the journey recorded ad shared for her followers, husband Mr. David Mann was recording her leaving the hospital and getting into the car, but apparently when the door closed she got a small bump on her knees and started crying. He said he was turning off the camera because he could not bare to see her cry. I almost started crying myself because people do not understand those replacement surgery pain is one of the worst (next to sickle crisis) pain to feel. I applaud her bravery in wanting her journey recorded.. sorry but I will journal it for everyone only because I know the tears I have shared from pain. Only the strength of God that gets me through my life of pain.

I had my right shoulder replacement in 2017, before surgery that summer I went to NY but I was already in a stage three of pain (just meaning stages that require surgery) I remember being in Burlington Store, shopping and this woman brushed past my shoulder (she just slightly touched me) I let out a howling scream that shocked her into apologies. I told her it was not her fault my shoulder is in pain. Another I was on the train and this little boy was sitting on his mom but was moving, just as normal babies do, but he kept kicking my arm, I had to get up and stand aside away from people.

Well, I am wishing Mrs. Mann a speedy recovery and will keep following her progress on Instagram because I love her music and her and her husband’s acting. Today, I had six new exercises added to my other “what like 30”. I am improving and I saw progress. My Physical Therapy office is a 5 mins drive from me straight shot no turns, so I oped to give driving a try. Won’t park yet because I will need a little of my left hand for some work.

These exercises work my triceps

I have to do a few other exercises for strengthening but I think the progress I have seen has been satisfying . I won’t be happy until I can put my hair up in a bun.

Thanks for reading the recovering journey.

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