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Have we as human beings become so desensitized to each other so much that we think it’s okay to attack each other by the use of electronic communication? to bully a person, by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature? Maybe some people believe they opinions matter so much that they need to be heard in a negative way. I was raised to believe “if you have nothing nice to say, hush up”. One can also keep scrolling down the page. You don’t have to watch, read or comment. I guess most people don’t understand this.

I wrote a post about being off social media.. more or less Facebook because it was getting out of hand with negativity. I wanted to stick with Instagram, but that to became a negative comment area ( although I don’t read comments much, its too time consuming) and I only follow things that are positive, spiritual, motivational, food or hobbies and a few celebrities. The less negativity I allow in my life the better my energy is. With that said, I recently joined Tictok basically social media app that allows someone to be creative with lip syncing and dancing. I figured how bad can a talented or not app can be? Boy… was I wrong it’s just as bad. I have my favorites of users I enjoy watching, they entertain me on down days. I guess what people fail to realize these are everyday people with families, issues, problems, struggling day to day, but TikTok is something fun to do for a quick 15 second video. Not easy I might add as I have several that I have created that I send to my family and friends to sometimes just make them laugh,smile or let them know I am okay and haven’t lost my mind or sense of humor and I am still the same old person that  lies beneath the pain. Makes you feel like you’re directing a movie with the amount of takes needed. (LOL).  

I say all that to bring me to my reason for my blog post – I follow this young lady because I enjoy seeing her videos dancing, she’s good, she is positive, all her choices of songs are good, no profanity (apparently that’s the norm for a lot of people in their communication). One day I signed on and her videos.. (I had to follow the story). She was given an ultimatum from her boss ( stop doing videos or leave ) someone gave a bad review on her job website because she was doing TicTok videos. She chose to leave on good terms. She said she found another job doing the same work because she loved her job. But here is a mother of 3, dealing with other life issues outside of social media loosing her job. That really pained me because someone sat at their computer with nothing better in their life to do but to disrupt another for something that doesn’t concern them. She didn’t force them to look at her videos, she is not causing bodily pain to anyone.

This world hurts my core. Humanity has become a thing of the past. I don’t even watch or comment on other media matters. But when did we get the authority to treat each other as objects for our own selfish greed.

I think one pet peeve I have increasingly developed over the last 5 years is selfishness. That me-me mine-mine I-I attitude. I am in competition with no one, never been and never will. I wish everyone happiness in doing what makes them happy. I will support and cheer you on from the sidelines. Even when I disagree, it will be respectfully disagreeing.  I will also delete and block you if you interfere with my happiness.

Everyone reading my post have a battle I know nothing about but I do pray you win your battle or you keep fighting to win. I have no authority to tell you or dictate to you about how you endure you battle.

If I had to meet and talk to one person ever in my life.. I would choose “Eve”. The ramifications of disobedience was not worth the temptation. Late night thoughts…. 

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