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when life gives you lemons…..

When life gives you lemon… you make lemonade.

Well this summer I had a whole lot of lemons so I decided I was going to make me some weekly lemonade. Between being in constant pain, my surgery and physical therapy, I needed to find some way to make this summer count. The best or only thing about living in state the have basically one climate, it that summer never really ends. Sure it gets a little chilly in the winter months but not as bad as the East Coast. Texas weather is known for its ridiculous humidity and extreme heat temperatures in the summer, which makes fall and winter like summer on the East Coast. I am not crazy about this state and don’t really see myself here for a long time. Life and God brought me here, so I have decided to make the best of it until it’s over.

I really miss traveling and exploring, so this “life after a coma” has been a real test for me. “smiling” I think I am acing the test.

I made this summer a movie summer – it’s the one thing I could have done without being in public more or less. Day time movies are always the best. Theater to my self, I can pull up the arm rest to have more space in my hand sling, I don’t have to constantly bump into people, and since temperatures are normally 95-110 degrees it’s always cool inside.

When working on a budget always remember to take advantage of discounts. Since I haven’t worked since May , movies can be costly unless you use discounts to your advantage. AMC – does $5.00 movies on Tuesdays, also Fandango gives you $5.00 back for every 4 movies you seen with their app. BUT if you have AT&T as your service provider you may qualify for AT&T Thanks program. This is where it really pays, with Twosday means on Tuesdays you get movies tickets for 2 (but the price of one) and being Fandango and AMC member movies come out to be as low as $2 – $6 for two movies. So my summer was a blast of movies. So much that I have tried to arrange my work schedule to at least limited appointments on Tuesdays. (wink). My lemonade has to get me through the year with my sanity intact.

Dark Phoenix – anything Marvel works for me.

Aladdin – Loved the re-boot, Will was a fantastic genie

MIB: International – I think it was slow in the beginning, I was getting bored. It takes a little more effort to keep my brain engaged.. ruminants of the damage done.

Lion King – I rather the cartoon and original. Singing was good and overall it was okay, but I could of waited for red-box

Stuber – I think this was very funny movie, better than the action part. Stuart made this movie so enjoyable.

Spiderman – Far From Home – ummm I think it was slow in the beginning, the constant rejecting of being a hero. In the end it turned out good. I guess from a teenage stand point I can see why he was running away from the responsibilities (gosh we got adults who constantly run away)

The Kitchen – Plain out not impressed or I believe I should of gone with my first instinct on this and choose to see Dora. I am a kid at heart so Dora would trump the kitchen anytime.

I am not a big movie reviewer, so these reviews are just based on my personal opinion, others may disagree and it’s okay, don’t take my opinion and go to the movie and them think I sent to to try out a bad review. Seven Tuesdays of movies in my 7 months of summer after surgery and how I enjoyed my lemonade…

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