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Trusting Good in a Physical World

I think one of the most difficult things that a human being encounters is the notion of faith and belief. Because of our human nature and the physiology of the human creation, we are created with senses. We are naturally inclined to hear, smell, taste, touch, and see. The more I mature in my walk with the Lord, I have been noticing that the natural senses are almost always subject to the spiritual. What I mean is that the spiritual life seems to be in contrast with the natural life (Galatians 5).

It’s starting to make so much more sense that “faith” really is the “evidence of things not seen,” and that a spiritually driven life is a life of constant faith and belief. Because we are so uniquely crafted as human beings, we don’t naturally trust someone we can’t see, especially when there is pain and uncertainty involved in our own personal story. When we’ve found ourselves engulfed and buried inside one of life’s many storms, it becomes a lot easier to self-protect to avoid the suffering.

My daily pursuit has been that of relentlessly asking the Lord for the grace to trust Him, no matter what my daily circumstances look like to my human eyes. Because we are human, we don’t see or know what He does. We don’t see the intricate crafting of our story the way He does. I’m discovering that I actually like being surprised and that the Holy Spirit loves to surprise us all the time. In time, if we can just stand and not look to the right or left, we will see how his hand has been spinning us on the wheel like clay in the Potter’s hands.

In my song Eye of the Storm, one of the last lyrics says, “my only hope is to trust You.” This is my heart’s cry for all of us! No matter what we face in our personal lives, I pray that we would be awakened to the knowledge and truth of the goodness of God in all situations.

To meditate on this devotional and its scripture while listening to my song Eye of the Storm.

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