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Does you dating have a purpose?

It’s been a while since I have posted anything… hip pain has been bothering me, but that will soon be dealt with. Surgery soon….

Lord work out your kingdom agenda in me. I am yours. Let me be a living sacrifice, salt and light. If you bring someone into my life who submit to your will and will help me to love you more, then let that person be evident to me, let me not miss your provision. And if not let me be content with your provision and at the end of my singleness as I seek the kingdom of heaven. Amen

Over the past few days and since we are in the seasonal time of holidays (thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years) being single can be difficult and challenging. Let all single men and women know that before marriage Love is blind and sex is the blind fold. Choose .

I recently had a message exchange with an ex- who is now married and has been for the last maybe 6 years but tells me he is still in love with me. Apparently he said within our maybe I will say 2 years of first dating it didn’t seem that I was going to ever make a husband out of him and that he is by God’s design cut out for marriage (well excuse me but when I met him he had just came out of an unhealthy marriage) I look back now and happy I dodged a bullet of an indecisive man, I would not like being with any man who still in-love with an ex. I know she is unaware of this, but our world is in dangerous times of lies and disloyalty.

Singles, remember to date with a purpose.


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