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Movie: WCW

Wednesday can be considered Hump Day or Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW)

Hey there,

Here’s the question I’d like you to consider for today:

If a Movie Was Made About Your Life, What Would it Be Called?

Would it be a comedy? A tragedy? A rom-com?

What if you could write your life like a script? What if you could be the hero of your life movie? You can.

Here is where we start: There are 4 crucial characters in most stories. You are likely playing one of these characters.

Which one sounds most like you?

  1. The Victim. This person feels helpless and doomed and believes life can’t get any better.
  2. The Villain. The villain aims to make others feel small. They often attack others, demoralize them, and manipulate them to their advantage.
  3. The Hero. They face the challenge and overcome it, transforming into a better version of themselves.
  4. The Guide. The guide is the person who has been a hero and now has the experience to help others succeed.

Here’s what’s incredible: The kind of character you play every day changes the course of your life. 

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my life before and after the coma. It’s amazing how so much has changed for me in seven and a half years, but nothing has really changed. In my life’s movie I still play the HERO and the GUIDE.

SN: The office bully who creates all my woes and troubles has called out sick for a second day. She starts trouble, and then something always happens to her. When will she learn that I am covered by the blood of Jesus. He is my protector, orders my steps, fights my battles, is my friend, and will keep me safe and shelter me from all storms. The weapons may form, but they will not prosper.

My story is not over, and I am still my own character, my author GOD is my finisher — WCW (every day, especially Wednesdays), My own Guide, and Hero.

Two co-workers saw me patting myself on my back and clapping for myself. (after I remembered my login name – not the password) Looked at me and laugh saying “did you just pat yourself on the back” – my reply I sure did – I take my kudos wherever I can. You don’t know how long my journey has been and what it has been like.

Today, go out and write your movie. Feel free to share it with me 🙂


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