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After I was fired spring of 2021 like any normal person my first thought was finding another job after applying for about one week the voice of the Spirit came upon me reminding me to “Be still and know that he is GOD“. So I instantly stopped. Decided to take care of me and leave the rest to GOD, you probably thinking she must be rich (No) far from it She have FAITH.

I decided to spend time loving on me .. spend time with my family… celebrate life events. I thought about all the people and times I have given love get nothing in return. Not that I was asking or begging but indeed I was only human. I looked an my phone, no text, no calls, nothing but crickets. Again, I wasn’t worried because of my empathy emotional status. I guess it would be a surprise.

Here are things I decided to spent trying to love on myself… my creativity. It was a struggle in the beginning and still it is on my depression and lack of motivation days. Since my son’s birthday was in August, June and July seemed like perfect timing for me to be still and spend time with my family. Just a few activities and craft projects, made t-shirts to celebrate my son’s 30th birthday and a few of his gaming life along with things he say to me most days. Business coming soon.

Sometimes a little selfcare goes a long long way for our mind body and soul. The best thing about taking care of you and being still, God is still working I got the perfect job offer in the midlist of my stillness. Till next time…

Live Love Laugh and Learn!

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