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Facebook Memories

This facebook memory had me tearing you yesterday because it signify the how and were is all started and the meaning of most days about my blogging. Andrea Poyotte is feeling pained.June 14, 2014 · Petersburg, VA ·  Sickle cell crisis....pain.... Morphine... The struggle is real! ....Live love laugh learn! Happy Sabbath! June 17, 2014 · South Richmond, Virginia ·  Day 5 of… Continue reading Facebook Memories

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Praise is what I do

Hello readers, I haven't blogged in a while two main reason technology may be helpful when it's functioning at it's best but, when it isn't can be a headache from a problem child. I had to take care of some technical difficulties. The other is pain, although not quite recovered from my shoulder replacement surgery,… Continue reading Praise is what I do