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Facebook Memories

This facebook memory had me tearing you yesterday because it signify the how and were is all started and the meaning of most days about my blogging.

Andrea Poyotte is feeling pained.June 14, 2014 · Petersburg, VA · 

Sickle cell crisis….pain…. Morphine… The struggle is real! ….Live love laugh learn! Happy Sabbath!

June 17, 2014 · South Richmond, Virginia · 

Day 5 of being sick and day 3 of been hospitalized. My night nurse tells me nightly how I make her night so much fun, I make a team of 10 doctors laugh when they visit me in the morning and my care partner just prayed for with me because he said The Lord put it on his heart to do. He said I have a great personality and wonderful smile and I have many testimonies to give. Sickle Cell Disease will not win this battle or the next. Yes, if you wondering I feel a trip coming!!! Live love laugh learn!!! ….. Now time for some pain meds!!! NURSE!!

Won’t he do it! Without my test I could not give a testimony for the next person going through this strugle.

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