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Basic Checking in

I am all settled after my move got all the kinks worked out not to my satisfaction but I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed. So after getting out the FUNK of all that has been going on with BLM mixed with Quarantine I am trying to make the best of outside. OUTSIDE never closed.

Screaming…..Thankful Thursday! Followers! It’s been along time coming but change is gonna come. How is everyone doing with Quarantine, BLM movement and everything far and in between. Have you been sleeping? What color in your heart today? What lies do you find yourself believing? What story are you telling yourself today? What thoughts have been circling your brain? How can I support you? What have you done for you to this morning? What are your top feelings today? God is not dead, he is a live and well. He has kept me strong and going. It’s been a long journey full with testimonies that I will share one day. Today, it’s about you guys though checking on your mental health, well being, your emotional well being. I have not been around much but today God woke me up to with s spirit of care and concern for all of you. Those who no one has checked on or said hello or even told you that you are beautiful, you are strong, you woke up today, you are a fighter, you are a warrior, you can do alllllll things through Christ who gives you strength. I am not 100 percent but know this I am not where I was last year, last month or even last week so that right there is a celebration 🍾 for me. Yesterday was 6 months from my left hip replacement surgery next week will be one year from my left shoulder replacement surgery…. ain’t GOD GOOD! Remember this too shall pass. Muuuahhh Live Love Laugh Learn. (So this is a little old draft post but nevertheless it’s still relevant)

Motivational Moment 🙌🏽Sometimes your greatest testimony is that you went through the fires of life and did not come out smelling like smoke. If you are in a season of struggle, just know that someone else down the line will need your testimony to make it through their difficulty. Stay strong 

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