2020 Decade · Faith · Life after a coma · Thoughts


What exactly is “consistency”? There are two meanings in the dictionary 1.conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness. 2. the way in which a substance, typically a liquid, holds together; thickness or viscosity. Well for the sake of my post, I really want to tackle number one. I have been struggling with being consistent with my blog, my workout routines, my daily affirmations, my journals, I would finish and post the 5 blogs in saved, my planning (Happy Planner). I feel there is so much I want to do but I am busy doing nothing. How does doing nothing take so much of my time? I need to find a way to be consistent about the things I love and a passionate about.

The only thing I do that is 100% consistent no exceptions is read my bible as soon as I open my eyes each morning. I will not respond to any text, email, surf the web, speak to anyone before I speak to GOD! Now if I can adjust that level of consistency to the other things I mentioned this blog post would be useless “sigh“.

I want to blame my TIA (mini strokes), I want to blame my brain being damaged and unable to focus, I want to blame trying to adjust to my life after a coma, I want to blame Sickle Cell, I want to blame my body BUT in the end I know if I was consistent with my daily affirmations on changing my mindset then I would not have a consistency problem.

I feel my like has been such a roller coaster since 2014 and I am always piecing different aspect of my life together. The coma, the surgeries, moving, COVID-19, pain they seem to prevent me to embracing the victories.

I am an over comer

I am a warrior

I am victorious

I am resilient

I am special

I am loved

I am Virtuous

I am independent

I am woman

I am unique

I am Joyful

I am happy

I am Kind

I am respectful

I am beautiful

I am bold

I am a mother

I am proud and from this day on I WILL BE CONSISTENT

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