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Beginning of Blogging

I started this blog back in 2008 when I began my natural hair journey but now I want to embark on a new journey of writing my thoughts or as I like to call them “the voices”.  Normally, the voices say what everyone else is thinking but afraid to express. All the hair post have been deleted – sorry my hair followers!

So my year did not end or begin with a BANG as I hoped for, well it did have a bang but let’s just say not a pleasant bang.  So let’s start with December, my favorite month because yes it is my birthday month. So December begins FANTABULOUS, left New York after a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with the family, followed by graduation – yea ya’ll I did it M.Ed. Adult Learning and Development and top of the class.  WOW!! who would of guess that after 3 years for sleepless nights, stress break-outs, screams of frustrations with an occasional let me Google this professor cuz they about to make me lose my mind up in herre up in herre!! ….. uuumm would end up with a 4.0 G.P.A and head of the graduating class. Then I whisked myself away on a 6-day cruise (Grand Turk, Ochos Rios Jamaica and then Atlantis in the Bahamas) not to out do myself but spent the next 5 days in Tampa, FL for Christmas.  YEAHHHH!! Great right!! Well my world took a twisted turn when the day after I got home my “mum” passed away.

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