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First day of spring 2016

Today, I was bored and tired of being in the house, so I decided to head to the mall for some fresh air. I also decided to treat my self to something new, which had to be free. So thanks to the reinstatement of my Victoria Secret card, I once again began receiving my FREE panties. I used to get them often because I was a VIP Platinum angel but since the coma and a few missed payments I managed to just salvage my name and try to gain back my Angel status.  One thing about being sick long term, companies have no mercy or consideration for them not getting their money, trust and believe they will and I mean will hunt you down.  Many days I have managed to control my cool and temper but some days it’s a little harder.

Back to my day, well believe it or not it was snowing on the first day of spring. But that did not stop the shoppers, the mall was crowded. Usually, I don’t mind but being on limited funds it takes the fun out of shopping. Weather has been crazy and a little all over the place, I guess mother nature is feeling the same way I do “confused”… then it also dawned on me that it was tax season so everyone was probably out spending.

040716 003

This is a constant daily reminder for me – It’s hard rebuilding your life, knowing you have been through this phase already and you struggled through it to get to what seemed to be the top, only to be knocked down lower than before you began.

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