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What is normal? what does normal mean? Is there an old normal? a new normal? My son once told me “who decides what’s normal, and his normal may not be his normal”? his response was based on me asking him why can’t he be like normal teenagers who wants to hang out at the mall etc. society? friends? family? or do we decide and choose what we want to be normal.

All questions I have asked myself for the simple fact that I cannot and don’t know what it means to be normal. For the last 4 and half years I have been in a total brain fog, or in pain and some days confused. Although everyone sees this woman smiling and looks like she has got this all figured out, in fact, truth be told I don’t. I digress..

If you go back a few post back you will noticed I started this blog in 2016, but before that it was a function blog with google +. In between school (earning my M.Ed and working 2 jobs full time and partime) being active in Church running the Epheus Adventure club (which included camping, parades meeting, events, feeding the homeless, visting nursing homes), vacations, family, friends and socializing. To me that was MY normal.

Fast forward to the last 2014 to present I can no longer do any of these and I will tell you why….. I have been slowly unraveling my coma issues I had in my past blog and how sickle cell disease has changed my daily lifestyle including medical, family and friends.

SN: Still trying to figure out wordpress along with my daily life.

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