Social Media Detox

Not sure why I did not think of blogging this when I began… but I am going to now.

So I started this 30 – day detox from Facebook, (currently now 5 months heading into my sixth) Instant-Gram, Sugars and Carbs… okay so I have not been doing great with the Carbs and sugar.  I tried this morning but 3 slices of toast had to included with brakfast… Tumeric tea brown sugar, scrambled eggs with cucumber salad. I am think of actually doing Keto after I have my second shoulder replacement surgery which I will tell you guys all about that. I believe we all can live and enjoy life without constantly checking social media to see who is doing what and when. Now don’t get me wrong, I have gotten some great ideas or places to visit based of places my friends visit. Even meals and resturants to visit, so sharing experiences can be something good but as they say too much of anything is a bad thing. Some times we have to go out an actually live these experiecence our selves after we have gotten the idea. Today is a good day to make is a great day.

“Life is too short to worry about what people who exsist in a free app in your phone think about you”

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