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First Cruise Experience


My very first cruise was in 2012, it started off as something I wanted to do and share with my mom. She has never had a REAL vacation. Her idea of vacation is going to visit family or going back to St. Lucia. Now there is nothing wrong with that but I wanted her to experience what a real vacation was. No cooking, no bed making, no cleaning, no trying to go with others wanted to do, so I figured the best way to do that was try a cruise. What I got out of it was my first cruising experience and boy! did I love it so much that I have had a few under my belt. (I will write about each in different post). It is amazing how so many people do not understand the value of a real vacation or traveling until they real experience it. I have always been a free-spirited person who loves to travel even if it stay-cations. I know everyone believes its costly but the way technology had developed anyone can vacation on a budget. Keep following I will show you how.

Passports check, luggage tags attached and checked, probably way to many outfits checked we were ready. It was only a 4 day cruise but I didn’t know what to expect – don’t judge me šŸ™‚

Way too many shoes

We were meeting up in Miami, I flew from Richmond, VA and she was flying out of J.F.K international in NY. To make everything go smoothly I booked a hotel not to far from the cruise terminal 15-20 min drive. I have never cruised before so I was uncertain what to expect, how the entire boarding procedures were but what I did know was I was ready, excited and thrilled.

Cruise Ready – Day 1

At the cruise terminal boat sails at 4 pm but there boarding usually begins around 11:00 am, so you know who would be there around 11:00? you know it taxi pulled up just around 11: 15 am. I wish I took some pictures of those moments.

Having something to eat while waiting on board
Farewell Miami
Chess anyone

on deck welcome party
Water works

And now after all the activities of the on boarding, eating and dancing and touring were done we headed to our room. Luggage is sent to you room where it’s placed at your stateroom door.

My side of the room.

Day 2 Setting sail to Key West, FL our first stop. Great because I have never been to key West before this trip. I was very impressed with Key West as it reminds me of the Caribbean. I saw Roosters, Island trees and the people were just free in living. There were no fashion statements to be made just people enjoying life. I bought a hop on hop off trolley excursion, so we got on and off and wondered about. Enjoyed going around the little piece of the state in only a few hours.

Formal dinner night

Day 3 We are heading to MEXICO!! Another Excursion I purchased, and another first visiting Mexico. Excursion included Jeep ( I specially asked for an automatic Jeep but long story I gave it up to a rude cruise woman who basically yelled at me in the line – but I wanted to kill her with kindness) we rode with a very nice married couple who were vacationing with their sons. Their sons decided to ride with someone else because we were short a few Jeeps for the tour and had people double up, the husband could drive a stick shift and they agreed we could rife share with them. I have professional pictures that are not on my camera. The Excursion included a ride through town to get to the Tequila factory where we tasted grown and made Tequila from Mexico, also a tasting of real Tequila, and also beach escape.

Tour Jeeps
yes there is an Indian with wings in the middle

Day 4 Was a day at sea – we didn’t leave the boat as the trip back to Miami was an all day one at cruise speed. One thing about sea day is the activites that crew members put on. There were so many things to see but for most the times over lap each other. We managed to see some comedy shows, a game show and a musical play.

Some game.. not sure what it was .. think it was a water dance – MEN
ICE carving demonstration
Part of the game
WOMEN – think it was the same dance
towel folding displays
Sea day lounge

I learned one important message on my first cruise . do not pay for professional pictures. I spent about $200 on buying all the pictures on the cruise. I actually did it for my mom. She wanted them for her memories and that was my sole purpose of taking her on her first cruise. Don’t worry this was just my beginning.

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