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Good Bye 2019

It's been a while I have been able to sit and write something, but the hip journey had been difficult. I finally had my surgery on December 13, 2019. I spent my 47th birth in pain and about 8 hours discharged from the hospital, Thanksgiving was a lonely dinner and Christmas was spent sleeping the… Continue reading Good Bye 2019

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Cuba – My third Cruise

I normally cruise on Carnival but this time I did a four day cruise on Royal Caribbean because they sailed to Cuba. Part of my life after the coma is having vacation packages I totally forgot about but had to taken else I would lose all the money I had invested. Sickle Cell never ask… Continue reading Cuba – My third Cruise

Black girl magic · Feelings · Life Advice · Sickle Cell Disease · Travel

First Cruise Experience

Imagination My very first cruise was in 2012, it started off as something I wanted to do and share with my mom. She has never had a REAL vacation. Her idea of vacation is going to visit family or going back to St. Lucia. Now there is nothing wrong with that but I wanted her… Continue reading First Cruise Experience

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Waking up….

Your smile is your logo Your personality in your business card an how you leave others feeling in you trademark. Every morning you wake up is not to be taken for granted, speaking from experience one morning I did not wake up. Thank God I am and always have been a believer and thankful woman… Continue reading Waking up….