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Cuba – My third Cruise

I normally cruise on Carnival but this time I did a four day cruise on Royal Caribbean because they sailed to Cuba. Part of my life after the coma is having vacation packages I totally forgot about but had to taken else I would lose all the money I had invested. Sickle Cell never ask about what plans you had so when things happen in live you live! My friend had some vacation time but no idea what she wanted to do, she thought a cruise but knew I had done it before (as if I would ever so no to a cruise LOL) so I said how about somewhere I never sailed to, that way we both have a first and bucket list checked.

starting point

Boarding day was pretty much the normal stand getting a bite to eat. First stop Key West. Very different from the carnival Key West Port, but it was interesting so I had to get a picture in. We basically walked the streets very close to the port so we don’t get lost or turned around.

Next Port was Cuba. I was a little bit disappointed in the first site. There was no real sunshine, the entire morning was a little gloomy. One might saw depressing. But what I learned on my excursion WOW! was an en opener.

I think this is a cab
Inside this restaurant only public rest room on our tour. We had to pay.
Cuban cigar being freshly made

One of the reasons I enjoy traveling so much it’s because its so informational to learn and see how other countries and cultures live. Many Americans are so misinformed about the rest of the world. They seem to think that everyone is as privileged as they are. No so, Cuba has no crime, no technology, in fact from what the tour guide told us, families stick together because they are so poor that they need all the food under on roof to feed them all. There was so much information I wish I could share it all. I did make a few videos.

Don’t know Spanish

Night at Sea.. heading back to Miami

Mimosa on deck
Friendly Game night.

Cuba may not be a fun in the sun – beach paradise county but I learned more about their was of living and lifestyle to remind me how blessed I am and to NEVER take my life for granted.

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