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Just listen to me….

I wish health care providers would listen to me, I think some are so determined to do their job and not listen to what patients say. The one thing I absolutely hate is that on top of have a chronic blood affiliated disease is that my veins are really small making me a hard stick. Tomorrow is my shoulder replacement surgery and after to countless clearances we have a go. I may not be able to post for a few weeks but hoping all goes well I can report which great healing. I normally tell anyone going into my veins I am a hard stick and they get 3 tries, well that was before the coma now its just pain and frustration to get it done and over with. Here is what my arm looked like after one hospital admission last year – let’s just say it took about a year for my veins to heal themselves because they were all damaged.

Someone has to come up with a better solution and it’s not the vein finder or through sonogram because neither of them worked or has ever worked on me. So any future inventors out there reading this .. desperately seeking a better why of doing phlebotomy. No person should leave a hospital looking like a pin cushion or a drug addict.

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