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It’s been a while…..

Not an easy road

Hellooo world, I am sixteen days post op from left shoulder replacement surgery and trust and believe it has not been an easy 16 days. I digress, surgery went better than I expected with no complications from sickle cell, NOW that’s a first ever. I was very happy and pleased when I woke up I did 2 over night hospital stay one at the doctor’s request and one at mine just to play it on the safe side. Like I said everything was going just great until that nerve block wore off and I was hit with pain reality.

I do not like narcotic drugs so lets just say I decided to stop pain medication about the first 5 days, wrong decision pain hit me like a wrecking ball knocking back to day one. Physical Therapy was even more painful which by the way began the day after surgery. It was alright because the nerve block was still working. I had my second Physical Therapy yesterday and I am finally seeing some progress and light at the end of this recovery road. Now don’t get me wrong I still have a long way to go and I am still in pain unable to move my left arm fully. My right shoulder replacement took about three months and this one will take about the same time. I won’t be doing extra long post but I will try to aim to do one recovery a week.

I hope everyone had a great 4th and great vacations wherever they may roam.

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