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Family Tree

Here’s the thing about family, they grow. As the older ones die they leave the younger ones to wonder where did we come from? …. this is where I am with my family. Many people are curious for reasons of their own, some don’t care or think about it, for whatever reason, some want to know where they come from and what they are made of? I have my own personal reason why I would like to know, diseases, property, genetics, and simple to meet and maybe greet. My family looks like a rainbow of shapes, complexions, sizes, hair textures, eye colors, surprises, and a whole lot more. My cousin had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to the only last living great grands who is 93 years old. She gathered information about his deceased siblings and we have decided to go from there and begin building a family tree. I am not sure how to get started but this will be one of my or our project goals for 2020. As they say – “start from where you are with what you have”

I am the only person in my current immediate living family that has and suffers from Sickle Cell but from my different blogs I have explained the surface part of this disease but the orignation as we know it today some many moons ago it was a vaccination given to Africans to fight malaria. Yes, it works I will never get malaria, but I am not in Africa neither have I ever been to Africa. Now, sure it’s on my bucket list but don’t think it will happen this lifetime. What scientist never calculated was what happens when 2 vaccinated people decided to have children. That’s where the disease was born. So here we are, one-two many decades later incurable pain and deaths.

I know many people use genealogy website such as the ones listed below, of course it might be quicker but where’s the fun in that? aaahh let’s reach out to a few and rattle their brains with what little they know.




I have many cousins I have no knowledge of, and sure Facebook and social media has help people find each other by last names and maybe place of birth, but that’s not enough. Don’t ask me to be friends just by my name, I don’t know you or who you are, or what are your intentions. In this world today I trust no one. So I need to verify your linage, and yes I have been known to leave people in what I call Facebook Limbo, it’s where your request goes to die or until further verification.

My family owns land by the acres in my birth Country St. Lucia but with no one to stake claims on it, so it’s left for the taking of government or other people who have no rights.

I have a cousin who was born Albino with blue eyes…. can you say question marks ???????? but later found out our great great great great grand mother had blue eye, white hair and albino. Well well how would we know in 2000? I guess we wait for a surprise birth to find out huh.

The list could go one with personalities, attitudes, talents and more. So for my blog sake I will just sum it up to being on adventure to find out my family origination.

Stay turn! Maybe every-now and then I will throw up a blog on my progress. GOALS 2020 visions!! What’s your family tree looks like? Have you thought about it? will you now think about it? any pointers for me?

Live Love Laugh Learn

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