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Resolutions vs Goals

It’s the beginning of a new year and I am sure many people has resolutions and I am sure many will not keep to these resolutions, you know why? It’s because a Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something. Goal: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. … Goals provide a direction to follow to achieve desired outcome. Goals involve intention setting, planning, preparing, and taking REALISTIC action. I do not ever make resolutions for that simple reason life is unpredictable and things happen when we least expect it and we have to sometimes change directions or alter the direction we are going. If you have a resolution you make no room for these things.

Learning how to measure your progress or how far you’ve come to achieving your goals without putting pressure or judging yourself. If you set a resolution to losing weight but set a huge unrealistic notion of just losing weight we begin to judge ourselves on that number. But if you set a goal on taking steps to losing weight by making healthy food choices, surrounding yourself with people who eat what’s good for them and make feel better you are going to see changes much quicker. A resolution is something made in the beginning of the year but not made to last the whole year. A goal is something you can work towards even if it takes a year or more you will reach that goal with the steps you take towards this goal. You will also learn things about yourself and you will challenge yourself to do or be better. Life will never go your way, but you can take life and make it go your way.

There is something I always say with having Sickle Cell Disease …. ” I have sickle cell, sickle cell don’t have me”. This is the main reason I don’t make resolutions and I make goals because I may not always be able to keep that “Resolution in a year” but I can always strive for the “Goal in a year”. One of my goals this year to do 5K fun walk like the “Color Run” or the “Glow Run”, but in order to achieve that goal I have to recover from my hip replacement surgery. I have to learn how to walk… it is not a resolution but my goal for 2020. Weather I get to accomplish the 5K or not I will learn and progress in the year. I will also accomplish something during that year, including my effort to plan and take steps to completing something I desire. I will see my progress and my change, I will be able to be patient with my progress and give myself time. If you have the desire, or you want a specific outcome it will not come easy. Remember: Rome was not built in a day.

I hope everyone made their goal for this year and if you made a resolution this year I hope after you read my blog you revisit it and change it into a goal.

Live Love Laugh Learn

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