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COVID-19 Life

Hope everyone is in good spirits tonight. My last post was July 6 and it seems like so much have happened and nothing has really happened. Who am I kidding? So after my COVID move I have now settled so much that I am working. My first office job since the coma. Here begins another chapter in my life after a coma. So here is the run down of what has been going on, I got two jobs – yeah you read that right not one but two, the first job hasn’t taken off yet because of COVID-19. Educational Travel Coordinator for High School Students and we all know how travel and hosting students from other countries have slowed down. So basically, it’s at a stand-still or moving more at snail like position. (June 24) I had to take two test certifications, one was a state certification scoring 100%, can I get a HOORAY!! and one Company Certification 97% another HOORAY. It is also work from home so that’s a plus of not trying to hunt hosting families down. My second job is working under the branch of Social Services – Mental Health and Substance Abuse, I completed my first month this week (Start date July 20) and I can tell you I really forgot how much “work” -work can be.

After six years of 24/7 365 days pain and surgeries I didn’t remember what it felt to be normal again. It took me about two months to think about it and to realize I was waking up each day pain-free, without fear of getting out the bed or raising my arms. Trust me that felt good, but physically, emotionally and mentally it did take a toll on me everyday I came home exhausted. I am not complaining just expressing personal feelings.

I thought mentally with my Traumatic Brain injury and cognitive disability I would make several mistakes but so far I haven’t or none of grate concern. I am impressed with myself and full of gratitude because another blessing of proving doctor’s wrong coming my way. I have learned a lot about mental health and now realize how so many of us suffer from it. Yes, so many of us suffer from mental health daily. How simple things can bring on traumatic experiences and actions when we do not deal with it. People get sensitive when when we you words like Mental problems or issues because no one wants to deal with things or talk about things. My next blog post will be on mental health and what I have learned in my journey.

Things COVID-19 made possible – Self Care!!

My first Zoom interview

My First daily Zoom staff meetings

My First Self care Yoga Zoom meeting on Sundays

Resumed my monthly massages

My first Daily Affirmations and Meditations

My First Tele Health Doctor’s appointment

First time I spent so much money with on-line shopping

My first Hobby/Craft – bought a Cricut and hot press machine

My first planning on starting an Etsy Store

My first journey on writing a book about my coma life and Sickle Cell disease

Reflection on my life after a coma journey and how God has been in the midst of my storm

I am trying to balance my work-life but I feel there is just not enough time in the day (arrgghh Mental Health stress) 😦

To be honest and transparent blogging about my disease, my pain, my feelings, my actions are all ways I cope and deal with my mental health.

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