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I can’t wait…..

In his hands

In his hands he’s got the whole world, in his hands he got the whole world…… so I can’t wait for the world to open again.. so in the mean time I decided to put a list in my planner and share on my blog of all the many joys I have that I can’t wait to do again. Just needed a distraction for all this anxiety feelings by counting my joys. I think I will begin counting my blessing on my next blog.

Go to Church and worship with others.

To go out for ice-cream.

Go to a movies.

Go to the gym.

Find toilet paper everywhere.

Celebrate Birthdays.

Fly on a plane.

Go to a wine tasting with friends.

Have a coffee/tea/dinner date.

Go on a trip anywhere.

Go on a Cruise.

Get a pedicure, manicure and waxing.

Get a massage.

Eat out tacos.

Go to a live sporting event or have the option to go.

See my real friends.

Complete my bucket list.

Maybe you too have a few things you can’t wait to do when the world opens up again…

Live Love Laugh Learn

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