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Pandemic moving PT 2

Another Transparent post – continuation from part 1.

Travel PART 2. One on the things on my Bucket-list is driving from the East Coast to the West Coast… Let’s just say both times I tried to accomplish that were epic fails. Moving to Texas my drive I was sick and it wasn’t as enjoyable as moving back. BUT moving back in a pandemic wasn’t fun either. It took 3 solid days of driving crossing state lines and I love traveling, sightseeing and just being on the road but when it’s a pandemic of virus nowhere is trusted. My son is a trooper though, he drove the entire way. I thank God for him daily even on my worst days with him his goodness and patience out ways it all.

We slept in the car at rest stops because that was only thing opened for restroom breaks. NO hotels I was not about to trust any place, anyone or anywhere. We had snacks, water and Monster drinks (for my son) I am not a fan. We stopped once for dinner curb side to go, also a subway stop. Let me tell you there are good people out there. at Subway the guy gave me our sandwich for free. I gassed up in each state and as I did that I noticed gas prices going up, not by much because of the pandemic had all prices lowered but some states were a bit higher as we traveled northward.

First state to cross lines were Louisiana – first gas stop from leaving Texas

First state line to cross

enjoying the fresh air
Sill in Louisiana
Dinner on the GO!

Gas Stop and restroom break

Sweet Home Alabama
Spent the entire night in the car at a truck stop with open Restrooms.

Rest Room Break
Gas Rest room break
Gas, food, nap and even stopped at Walmart my old stomping grounds

I missed South Carolina because it had to Highway signs.. or maybe the signs were too small.

Last stop was my destination….. and that my friends is how you drive across the state in a pandemic. Music, Food, Conversation and Crazy mama to keep you laughing while people watching and making up stories of their destination.

MORAL Even in Chaos you can always find a way to be at peace. the world may have been falling around me but when Jesus takes the wheel it’s “PEACE” be still.

Moving Part 3… coming up next.

Live Love Laugh Learn.

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