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Pandemic Moving PT3

What boxes should look like

Before I go any further on my post of plain and simple transparency I want to state something. I want to make it loud an clear “I do not like giving reviews especially bad reviews” I believe reviews are personal opinions and preferences so what might work for me won’t wok for someone else vice-versa. I have seen reviews where the person’s experience was nothing like what mine was.

I decided to hire a moving company to transport my belongings. At first thought I wanted to rent a Uhaul truck and have my son drive our belonging then ship my car. He did not feel comfortable driving a truck. Hence me renting a moving company, biggest mistake and I will tell you why.

I tried to be diligent and made sure I called around for quotes and look into who have been in business the longest. After all this was cross country moving and would talk a few days to get there. Probably I should of spent more time on reviews.

Let me tell you what I hate more when moving…UNPACKING… packing I can throw or give as donations, but unpacking whoa not a fan. The moving company arrived April 28. I was quoted one price ($1700) with a (10%)$178 at the time of scheduling the pick up. 40% ($714) charged at pick up and 50% (balance) which would be ($1,050) if a shuttle was used to get to me on delivery. If not shuttle was used it would be $500 on delivery. Well on picked up I paid ($714 + $1260) that price quickly added up to them using tape and charging me for it, without asking me if I had my own tape, then they counted every step off the truck and counted those as steps charging me for those too. The deposit money quickly added up to way move than the amount I bought a money order for causing me to use my credit card. Moving companies only deal with money order or cash, so I was surprised he was able to charge my card by scanning it to his little phone gadget.

Delivery was timely, I got my stuff on May 5. Took me about a week to unpack, actually I still have a few boxes I haven’t gotten around to. Let me tell you I am missing so many boxes and things I started getting irritated. I have called the company and because of the quarantine in some states it’s taking a lot longer to locate my boxes but on the brighter side I was over charged because the driver did not use a shuttle bus to drop my stuff off. His 18 wheeler came right through my community. I still have to wait for proof of this from him because they won’t take my word for it. When I told her I saw and looked into the truck for my boxes.

Advice to anyone moving for the amount for money being charged please invest in a good moving company. Every box was broken, all my container were damaged, glass broken, stuff lost and valuable thing misplaced. The driver charged me an extra $75 cash again for walking a few steps from the truck to my door, which was on the first floor. This was an expensive lesson learned. I will not be recommending this moving company to anyone. Condor Moving

This was probably more of a “vent post” or maybe an irritated post. Something you will never ever see me post again.

I have prayed about having the company do the right thing and return my money as well as replacing my missing items.

Live Love Laugh Learn

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