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Pandemic moving

This is a transparent Testimony post – part 1.

2020 is my season to reap what I have sown, my season for greatness, my season for favor. COVID-19 with all it’s obstacles will not take away the plans GOD had for me.

I haven’t written in a while, mainly because I have been packing, driving, moving, unpacking. When I had this thought that 2019 after my hip replacement surgery I was leaving Texas at the end of my lease agreement terms to move back to the East Coast, a Pandemic was no where in sight (mentally, physically or emotionally) or even globally. Needless to say it all had to happen.

My lease was ending April 26, 2020 and I had no intention of renewing and I wasn’t even entertaining the thought or cared to be convinced otherwise. Surgery went well, healing was troublesome but nevertheless healing. I was 3 and a half moth post op and felt I had a chance to go back to work slowly as a substitute teacher again. As painful as the walking process was, that was my plan. Well, the scare and news of the pandemic hit hard and schools were shut down in March. Here I am one month away from moving and unemployed and haven’t worked since November 2019, the whole world is shutting down slowly. Jobs, Restaurants, Malls, Doctor’s Offices, Small Businesses, Schools, the whole world is in a panic. We have hoarders with toilet papers (not sure whey ) still looking for a logically reason and explanation. The death toll is constantly raising, and social distancing, wearing mask has become our new norm.

But wait, I still need to vacate my premises. Law makers put all kind of help in place (interest on cards still adding up so basically all talk and we know talk is cheap) but at the end of the day everyone wants to get paid. Finding an apartment was a nightmare from such a far distance no one was touring or conducting open houses, and sometimes looks can be deceiving on the web.

My anxiety level increased to sleepless nights but when your prayers goes up blessing will come down. I hit the prayer line double time for relief.

In February found an apartment they did not follow up with my current rental office for references so someone beat me to putting the deposit, again I was many miles away and with COVID it was difficult for me. (RED FLAG 1)I found a house to buy in March 30 but got denied on April 14 reason being lack of communication and wrong information being placed on the application on the seller’s office. I was really heart broken because no one informed me ahead of time so I could correct the errors sent to underwriting. I had to call to find out the status of my application. There was 15 days between e-mail stating application sent to underwriting (April 1) and me calling to the community office about my Home Owners Association HOA fees only to be told someone purchased that house today. SHOCKED!! that someone was not me. (RED FLAG 2)

I digress – Had a job interview on April 13 and got the job on April 14, same day as the bad news. I had to decline the job offer as I would not be moving on time to complete the job compliance. Even if they offered to change my start date it wouldn’t work.

With more prayer and faith I finally found an apartment on line with immediate availability and able to do everything on-line. In a week I was able to present everything they needed for approval, communication was on point timely and well informed with everything. (Blessing) Time was drawing near to vacating the premises but I was not totally ready as I was unable to donate to Goodwill because Goodwill was closed all around Houston TX, I had no help in throwing trash out because I knew no one and with COVID it was hard to find help. the movers were coming 2 days which was already over my lease end. I left lots for stuff neatly in the apartment and will deal with the final bill later.

MORAL: Delay is not DENIAL! I am so pleased with my living accommodations currently.

Part 2 …. will talk about my 3- day drive …..

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