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Today was pre-op before surgery, one of my disappointments in having a blood disorder is the amount of times my blood in drawn because I have small – small really tiny disappearing veins. They brought in the vein finder, the sonogram machine, heating packs, butterfly needles yet none of these work on finding my veins. I used to have a 3 times a lady rule meaning 3 needle sticks and leave me alone. Well since the coma all this has changed just lets get this over with. I have still maintain NO Neck IVs, you may use the feet if absolutely necessary. Neck only if you sedate me or drug me up. Today was no different, 2 labs technicians and they had to call in am RN from the ER. After almost 45 mins later were barely got two of the 5 tubes needed, I still need to go back in two weeks for blood typing for the blood bank match if I need a blood transfusion.

The life and journey of a sickler, ER, Surgeries, hospitals. I am begiing to ave a pep peeve of people who treat me funny because I have pain from sickle cell. I would like the world to know I am NOT my diesase. I am jovial, social, entertaining, care-free, free spirited and life is my drug.

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